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Supporting young people & parents in crisis


Infinity Therapy offers access to the support you need in a safe, non-judgemental and trusting environment. I am here to help you work through your challenges at your own pace and enable you to progress forward in your life.

I ensure a trusting space for You to be You, providing you with the tools you need to build the life You deserve. At some point we all need support and guidance, a mentor, understanding and help on our terms. Unfortunately, in today’s society it can be very hard to get access to the right help you require and more importantly the support you actually need. Whatever you are experiencing right now, you have found the right place for you.

You Matter, You are Important, You are not Alone Anymore!

Embrace change, find hope, begin healing, don’t just survive, learn to thrive.

Hi, I am Emma a Mental Health Professional with a true passion for emotional wellness.  I became a therapist to help young people like you and your family repair, recover and reconnect. I believe every child and young person matters, I do not want you to feel isolated, confused, alone, stuck or misunderstood a moment longer.

I hold a safe, kind and compassionate space for healing to occur.

Working with me is so much more than the issue you come to me with. Eradicating anxiety, depression, recovery from an eating disorder or self-harm is the issue what brings you to me, the personal transformation which evolves is far greater: you will gain complete freedom from your issue and a deep knowing that it is gone from your life forever, allowing you to be totally free and truly thrive.

Understanding and meeting your needs is paramount to the work I do.

I specialise in providing online and in person Award Winning Rapid Transformational Therapy and Metacognitive Coaching for Young People. What-ever you are facing right now,

You are not alone anymore!

Transformation is my Passion and Expertise.

You may find it hard to express what it is you are feeling and experiencing, this is totally normal, maybe you just need someone to talk to, connect with, off load with. I am here to listen, support, and offer a safe trusting environment to overcome any issues you are facing. Life can be hard and we can all feel overwhelmed, it is not embarrassing or a sign of weakness, you are not flawed or damaged.  So often we live with these feelings and emotions for so long that we start believing that this is just my life, this is how it will always be, I am just going to have to live with this now. These feeling of helplessness and hopelessness are really detrimental and often keep us locked in the battle and struggle for longer. Especially if you have sought help and it was unsuccessful. You have found the perfect place for you now.

You are not alone, reach out today, find the help and understanding you have been longing for, stop feeling hopeless and start living life on your terms. Together is a great place to start.

Empowering You to Build Inner Resilience Ensuring You Recover Your Shining Potential.

Life, Ourselves, Friends, Family, Peers, Teachers, Parents, Carers, Thoughts, Images, rejection, harsh, hurtful, critical, words, are absorbed by our brains and cause pain, hurt, anger, emotions, fear, stress, overwhelm, sadness, isolation, disconnection, and feeling different. Mental, physical Illnesses develop and we get stuck in a loop of limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, all based on the labels. We feel lost and our true identity, who we really are becomes totally & completely covered, suffocated, and the scary thing is we do not notice, or even realise it is happening, and how attached we are to these labels, so much so, we not only believe them, we actually become them.

Together we will Remove the Labels and eradicate the limiting beliefs to un cover your shining potential!

Rapid Transformational Therapy, quickly & easily gets to the root cause of any issue & heals it. The change is instant & the freedom from the issue is permanent, allowing you to be truly free & thrive once again.

The power in RTT is we go deeper to the root cause of the issue and heal it.  Rapid Transformational Therapy is different, it is quick and effective, and you notice the changes instantly.

I am glad you have found me; it is paramount for me as a therapist to Connect with you, I hold a safe, kind and compassionate space for true healing to unfold. You will leave me with an unshakable knowing and belief that you are enough, totally upgraded, with a new positive mindset to change your life within weeks.

INFINITY AIR – You will let go of limiting beliefs by Un peeling the suffocating labels one by one to un cover the Shine you were born with, enabling you to be totally free and breathe again.

INFINITY AIR PROGRAMME – let go of limiting beliefs and eradicate looping thoughts

Acknowledge the issues what you are facing right now,

Interrupt the limiting beliefs and STOP negative self-talk,

Re Wire, Upgrade and Install, unshakable self-confidence, high self-esteem and self-worth and uncover your true shining potential.

You will Work with Me Online via Zoom which gives you privacy and accessibility, you can also contact me 24/7 via messenger.


To discuss your needs and requirements in detail. Everyone’s experience is personal to them, I work with you and I will create a successful programme just for you, to meet your needs. You do not have to worry; you matter and this is all about you!


Packages working with young people, parents and families are bespoke and therefore once I have a good indication of what it is you are facing, I can create a bespoke package to ensure all of your needs are met and confirm pricing.

You are not alone anymore

This hub also offers support for parents of young people who are struggling and in need of advice, kindness, a safe place to offload, help, guidance, a place for you to get the support you need. As a parent we feel it is our job to protect and help our child no matter what they are facing. Feeling helpless and unable to heal our child’s pain, hurt and emotional wounds. Feeling totally out of our depth and lacking complete understanding to what it is your child is experiencing, can really take its toll on us as a parent. If you are struggling, and in crisis do not hesitate to contact me. I understand, I really get everything you are feeling and I am here for You, Your child and the whole family.

You are here, you are found.