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Rapid Transformational Therapy for Depression

  • Do you feel overwhelming sadness, helplessness and hopelessness?
  • Are you feeling worthless, do you self-loathe and self-hate?
  • Are you suffering from recurring thoughts, “It’s all my fault,”, “What’s the point?”
  • Do you find yourself having a loss of interest or withdrawal from activities that you once looked forward to or even loved, sports, hobbies, going out with friends?
  • Are feeling a constant lack of energy and an overwhelming feeling of fatigue, are you sleeping excessively?
  • Are you suffering from insomnia?
  • Do you suffer from mood swings? From angry outbursts to uncontrollable crying?
  • Do you have suicidal thoughts or feelings of self-harm?

Helping you heal, repair and find inner peace, where your journey matters.