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Rapid Transformational Therapy for Chronic Fatigue

  • Do you suffer from foggy thoughts and impaired cognitive function and your thoughts often dissolve in your head?
  • Do you suffer from acute or chronic pain, stiffness and soreness in your muscles and joints?
  • Are you suffering from erratic sleep patterns?
  • Do you in spite of feeling tired and worn out throughout the day, find it difficult to sleep at night, and even after a good night’s sleep, do you tend to wake up feeling tired in the morning?
  • Are you sensitive to certain smells and sounds, which causes headaches and even vomiting?
  • Do you suffer from a weak immune system, feeling weak and drowsy, do you find it hard to fight infections and diseases effectively?
  • Are you suffering from Paraesthesia, a sensation like tingling, tickling, numbness or burning of the skin without any physical cause?
  • Do you encounter difficulties in digesting certain foods, experience intense stomach pain and bloating, or become nauseated after eating?
  • Do you suffer excruciating pain in the gut, stomach upset, indigestion, rashes and such gastrointestinal problems?
  • Are you suffering from orthostatic intolerance, which is the inability to remain upright for long duration, do you need to sit down?

Embrace change, find hope, begin healing, don’t just survive, learn to thrive.